Tachometer Cable Leak

First, try to tighten the cable, also try putting some teflon tape on the threads... If that doesn't fix it:

1. Find the part 19 on the fiche here. This is the made of rubber, cone shaped, with a little spring around. The part number is 09289-05002. It's small, size of a dime (~15mm or so)
2. Order the part or call around for it. Should cost around $5.
3. Wait for new part (or go pick it up).
4. Unscrew the tach cable.
5. Get a small hook-type-tool (a paper clip might work out).
6. Use the tool the pull out the old seal.
7. Pop in the new one.
8. Screw tach cable back in.
9. Tighten to spec (whatever that is).

I did mine in about 5 minutes... The hardest part is getting the old seal out.

After trying with a pick, paper clip and jeweler's screwdrivers for about 10 minutes, I found that it was much easier to unscrew #20 and pull out #17 (it was kind of stuck, so I used a cloth wrapped pair of pliers to get a better grip on it). The gear will most likely pull out as well. You can pull out #16, then stick rod in from behind and push out #19.