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Community is the best web resource for the GS500. It hosts the strong forum as well as how-to articles, maintenance tips, and a photo gallery.

GSTwins Forum

The forum is a place to talk to others about the GS500. Boasting many active members from all over the world, it sees activity 24 hours a day. Ask technical questions, search for help on a variety of topics, buy and sell parts and bikes, and arrange group rides and meetings.

IRC Chatroom

Any program that supports IRC can be used to connect to the IRC chatroom. mIRC and Trillian are excellent programs and make a great alternative to the web-based version.

If you would like to use the web-based java version go to FreeQuest Webchat or PJIRC and enter the following information:

Nickname: Your Nickname
Channel: #GSTwins gs500

It should then connect to the chatroom.

If you have any problems connecting please contact Onlypastrana199 on GSTwins Forum

German GS500 Wiki

The GS500 Wiki has great information, but you either have to understand German or use Google Translate to view most of the page in English.

Links -A large group of GS500 owners in England -A large group of GS500 owners in France.

Pablo's GS500 Page -Full of information on modifications and upgrades, this site is very useful for anyone looking to enhance the performance of his or her GS500

Kerry's GS500 Page -Looking for information on touring upgrades and general maintenance? Kerry's is the place to go.

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