A bike that has been sitting without running for a long time (several years) needs some basic restorative work to get it running again.

  • Drain fuel tank and fill with new, fresh fuel (fuel goes bad with time)
  • Replace battery (batteries lose their ability to hold charge if not kept properly charged)
  • Replace tires (rubber suffers from dry rot)
  • Replace oil and filter (don't want old oil running through your engine)
  • Change brake fluid (brake fluid needs to be replaced every 2 years)
  • Change brake lines (the standard lines degrade and should be replaced every four years. Stainless steel lines do not need replacing)
  • Change fork oil (Fork oil needs to be replaced every 2 years)
  • Ensure all control cables are free and have not siezed, on the GS500 the choke cable is prone to this.
  • Check for clogged airbox (mice and other critters like to build nests in there)
  • Clean or replace air filter (Dirty air filters hinder flow and could cause the engine to not run properly)
  • Replace chain (chains tend to rust when not kept properly lubricated)
  • Rebuild carbs (carburetor parts deteriorate and the rubber pieces lose their effective sealing properties)
  • Its advisable to check and ensure the engine and parts such as valvegear have not become siezed

Thanks to AlphaFire X5 and others.