Paint Exhaust Alternative

I had great success just polishing exhaust pipes with black graphite Grate Polish (a.k.a. Zebo). I had to buy it off eBay listing. I am in USA and could not get it locally, so I had to order it from a UK seller here.

Once in a couple of month I wax my exhaust pipes with this polish (takes 5-10 minutes, practically no prep, just wipe the dirt off). It produces a nice shiny blackish graphite look, completely covering minor rust or other problem spots. This way I avoid hastles of taking off exhaust, prepping it and painting it with high-temp paint (which in many cases doesn't last long). For me the polish works fine (others may prefer to do the whole shebang). All pertains to stock exhaust.

Thanks to forums for this trick. You guys rule!

Update October 2007. I saw William's Stove Polish paste in Home Depot (somewhere around Grill Accesories and Fireplaces) for under $5 a tube. Maybe a good substitute for the British polish I use? If anybody tries it on his exhause please let us know if it works. You can see it here