Bolt Sizes

This page is a list of bolt sizes on the GS500 so you can easily replace them.

A more comprehensive, updated list can be found here

Metric bolt sizes are DiameterxPitch followed by length - all in millimeters.

  • Battery Well Bolts - 6x1mm x 20mm
  • Carb Float bowl bolts - 5mm x 12mm; 2002--4mm X 0.7mm 10mm length
  • Carb Cap (04+) bolts - 5mm x 12mm
  • Fork Brace bolts - 6x1mm X 12mm (will work - 16 better, IMHO- or 15mm longer than brace is thick.)
  • Front Fender bolts - 5mm x 18mm
  • Bar end weights (old ones, for sure) 6x1mm x 60mm (flathead)
  • Gas Tank bolts (for my 2007 GS) - 8x1.25 x 40mm
  • Front axle nut cotter pin (english size that works) 1/8x1
  • Rear axle nut cotter pin (english size that works) 5/32x1
  • Front Sprocket circlip - A 7/8" circlip fits on there and retains the sprocket. It has to be stretched slightly. A 1" circlip would most likely fit much better. I paid 80 cents for two at Lowes. (USA store) The employees there don't call it a circlip, they call it a retaining pin or a snapring.