Break-In Schedule

  • Break-In Schedule (Suzuki Procedure)
    • You must break-in your new motorcycle engine and tires. The break in helps ensure a long lasting engine and a safe ride on your new tires
    • Do not ride your new engine at a constant speed for long periods of time. The break-in procedure as per Suzuki suggests that the rider vary the engine speed to 'load' and 'unload' engine components.

The following table shows the recommended engine break-in procedure

Initial500 miles (800km)Below 5500rpm
Up to1000 miles (1600km)Below 8000rpm
Over1000 miles (1600km)Below 10000rpm
  • Suzuki suggests that you take it easy on your new tires, don't do any hard braking or hard cornering until you have put 100 miles on the tires (160km). During these 100 miles you should be increasing your lean angle as you wear the tire in. Suzuki even goes so far as to suggest you should avoid hard acceleration duing the tire break in.
  • Your 600 mile (1000km) initial service is extremely important and should be performed on time
  • Alternate Break-In Procedures