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NameColorSuzuki Paint Code899091929394959697989900010203040506
Pearl Cool White 22Rxx                
Marble Jade Green 0FL  x               
Pegasus Blue 0ZK  x               
Deep Purple Metallic1HU   xx             
Marble Italian Red28V xxxx             
Bright Purple Metallic1TU     xx           
Ocean Blue        x           
Candy Antares Red19A     x x          
Pearl Deep Blue1LF        x         
Aztec OrangeZ94         x        
Phlolina Yellow163          x       
Pearl Novelty Black33Jxxxxxxxxxx x      
Metallic Abyss BlueYM7            x     
Bright Silver Metallic (frame)13L          xxxx    
Pearl Lively Yellow (Factory Variance Color)Y9H               x  
Candy Grand BlueYC2            x  xx 
Pearl Still WhiteOJW               xx 
Metallic Sonic SilverYD8                xx
Saturn BlackY7L             x  xx
Pearl Deep Blue #2YBA                 x
Pearl Splash WhiteYBD                 x

-Courtesy of Will in Waltham, MA, by way of

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