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Stock bearing sizes are as follows:

  • Front wheel uses 2 of 6302 2RS (15x42x13)
  • Rear wheel uses 2 of 6303 2RS (17x47x14)
  • Hub out-rigger uses 1 of 6305 2RS (25x62x17)
  • steering head/spindle upper 25x47x15 lower 30x55x17
  • Swing arm pivot uses 2 of HK1725 (17x24x25mm)
  • Swing arm linkage mount uses 2 of HK2230 (22x29x30mm)

If possible, get sealed versions; they will keep the grease in and the dirt out. The sealed versions will have "RS" on the end of the designation number.

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Page last modified on May 06, 2010, at 02:54 AM