Tank Protection

Second Look

Second Look makes a marine-grade vinyl tank bra for the GS500F. Since the gas tanks have not changed since 2001, this will also fit the 2001+ GS500E bikes.

It is available from PowerSportRider's catalog, part# 20-4202, for $79.95. This can be ordered from your local dealership.

OEM Suzuki

For 1989-2000, part # 99950-64004 For 2001+, part # 99950-64042

Targa Accessories

This was available until 2003. They usually required fabrication of velcro tabs to adhere them. Some are available from older members on GSTwins.

On Kerry's bike

Lockhart Phillips

Some say that LP bras are available by ordering through a dealership. Part # 101-809.

Tank Protectors

Many people use magnetic or adhesive tank protectors that can be 1,2, or 3 pieces. These can be purchased from any dealership and are not bike specific.

Clear ones are also available. Targa Accessories is one supplier.