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zellicom There is a Clear Alternatives taillight lense available for each version of the GS '00 and older and '01+. They generally are available on ebay for 30-50 dollars US depending upon condition.

gstwins.com forum member JeffD had at one time made an LED taillight harness available to the forum, consisted of a modified stock pigtail connector, a PC board with the LEDs and resistors and screws to install it onto your stock lamp housing. This resembled the '99-'00 Yamaha R6 taillight with 2 round circles. LED's draw less power from the bikes charging system than the standard filament style bulb. With some generations of the JeffD taillights, brake light intensity was somewhat low. When the brakes were applied, the taillight grew only slightly brighter. Mk1inCali

Tailight with Integrated Turn Signals

by pbureau69

Basically you can find these from an Ebay Store, about 80.00 dollars, and they come in clear or smoke, they exist for all year models.
Below is a picture of my smoked taillight, notice the rear turn signals posts are gone.

basically simple job to change, remove the plastic light housing with 2 screws, remove incandesent bulbs from oem tailight, and plug the LED assembly in place, screw new tailight housing in place your basically done, 2 yellow wires, you connect to the live wire of the turn signal leads and your done.


Video of final product --> http://www.longcoeur.com/Motorcycle/technotes/videos/Interated_tailight_led.wmv


Clear/Smoke Tailight with Integrated Turn Signal - http://stores.ebay.com/Xtreme-Discount-Cycle

Direct Replacement LED Tail Lights

There is now a range of direct replacement 1157 tail light bulbs available to plug straight into your GS500.

LED's haver the advantage of being Longer Lasting, Shock Proof, Faster Response Time, Draw Less Power and produce a brilliant red light.

Read more here: http://gstwins.com/gsboard/index.php?topic=35515.0

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