This was written by IBOB50 on 600RR.NET. He gets the credit not me.Here is the link with pictures


My first writeup, so chill out if I make some mistakes. I'm also fully aware that this isn't the wheel of an RR. Mine's out getting new fork seals, so we'll use my dad's HD Softail.

Ok. I didn't want to pay for a stupid plastic applicator, nor did I want 7mm stripes. I got my stripes from Canadian Tire. They're 1/8". The applicator isn't pretty... but hot damn it works.

You will need:

- Thin plastic sheet. (I used the front cover on a notebook... school's out.) - Duct tape - X-Acto knife - Pinstripe tape - Cardboard - Scissors - Rear and Front stands will help lots, but they're not totally necessary. You'll just have to stop and roll the bike.

Before you guys do any of this, clean your rims! Spring is messy. Get all oil, chain lube, and grime off with soap and water, then clean the lips with rubbing alcohol.

Here's a pic of the 1/8" pinstriping tape. It came in a whole lot of colors. Cost $5.

This is the kind of thin plastic I was talking about. Clear plastic helps you to see where the tape is being positioned under the applicator.

Cut a section off of the cover. A section 1.5" by 1.5" is about the size you're looking for.

Now trim one side of your plastic piece to match the countour of your rim.

Now cut some cardboard strips, and fold them in half. You're looking to get a thickness of 3/8" to 1/2".

Now it's time to mock up your wheel striping rig. Sandwich everything together (cardboard layers and plastic) with the plastic layer on top. The goal is to have the cardboard resting on the top of the rim, and the plastic covering the face we're applying the stripes to. In this picture, I have marked with a pen exactly WHERE on the rim I'd like the stripes to be applied.

Now that you've successfully mocked up your applicator, make sure your layers don't slide around... or your stripe won't go where you wanted it to. Carefully tape everything together. It should look like this:

Now we'll cut a hole with an X-Acto knife to pass the striping tape through. My tape is 1/8", but I cut my square JUST barely wider than the tape. Too wide will allow the tape to wander, and too skinny will pinch and ripple the tape.

Now you're just about ready to apply the tape. When you pass the tape through the applicator, do not also pass through the paper backing. Only the tape itself (adhesive exposed) should be passing through the tiny square you just cut out. Like so:

This is where your hands should be when applying the tape. Left hand keeping the rig on the topside of the rim, left index finger applying gentle pressure to the tape as it is being layed down on the outer face of the rim. It helps to pull the paper backing away as it is fed into the applicator. A steady controlled motion around the rim will give you a smooth straight finish.

ALMOST done. This last step will help ensure your tape overlaps seamlessly when the two ends meet. Before the ends overlap, trim 1 to 2 inches off the end you first layed down. This first 1 or 2 inches isn't always straight as you're just getting a feel for the tape.

That's it guys. Hope this has helped a few of you. Be patient. I didn't get it perfectly the first time. I know there's a few of you out there looking for wheel stripe help. __________________