Removing Fairings


There are many reasons that people may wish to remove the fairings from their GS500F. They may have scratched their original fairings and instead of going to the expense of replacing them simply remove them; They may live in a warm climate and appreciate the extra air flow that a naked bike provides; or simply they prefer the naked look.

Converting an F-model to an E is a surprisingly easy modification to make - it is essentially simply unbolting things. The only (minor) challenge is selecting and sourcing a new headlight. You will also need new mirrors.

Removing Things

Side Fairings

Move around the bike undoing all the fasteners holding together the side fairings. Be aware that the side fairings are held together by plastic plugs at the bottom seam - its easier to take these out first.

You can also remove the small metal brackets that hold the fairing onto the frame. It is not a bad idea to screw the bolts back into the holes in the frame to prevent water from entering it. Note that the brackets at the front holding the oil cooler lines on cannot be removed (below).

Front Fairing

The front fairing is held on with an internal support bracket that bolts onto the headstock. Once these bolts are undone it can be lifted off. Don't forget to unplug the headlight first, and beware that it will be heavy!

Adding a Headlight,etc

Now that you have the front fairing off you will need to come up with a plan for a headlight and mounting the indicators.


The stock indicators can be unbolted from the fairing and reused. If you have OEM brackets for the E style headlight, they have places to bolt indicators onto. Some aftermarket headlight brackets also have spots for attaching indicators.


You have the following options:

  • source a new stock headlight and fork mounting brackets - OEM parts can be found at and other sites by google searching OEM Suzuki parts
  • source a used stock headlight and fork mounting brackets - from a wrecker's yard or eBay... this will probably need some restoration work and also fork mounting brackets
  • source an aftermarket headlight and fork mounting brackets - and give your bike a unique look (and, depending on choice, will be cheaper than a new stock but will require some custom mounting solutions
  • use the stock headlight in a third party bracket.

Regardless of which route you choose you will need headlight brackets that mount onto the fork tubes. OEM or aftermarket are available.