Remove Safety Stickers


The bike comes from the factory with a variety of safety stickers adhered to the fairings, tank and swingarm. These stickers are large, conspicuous and contain largely self-evident information such as "wear a helmet", "read the manual" and other gems.

These stickers are very well adhered and tear easily. Without the correct method they can be very tedious to remove. Fortunately, with the right know-how it's a doddle.


Cost: nil / loose change.

Tools required:

  • hair drier
  • mineral turpentine
  • a soft rag

First of all heat the sticker up with your hair drier. This will melt the gum adhesive and make the sticker plastic more pliable. You should then be able to lift a corner with your finger nail and peel the sticker straight off.

Left in the place of the sticker will be some residual adhesive. This will disappear with a wipe of a soft rag soaked with mineral turpentine.

Lastly, it's probably not a bad idea to wash your bike to remove any leftovers.

Goo Gone (regular version) also works well. Even on fairing decals, Goo Gone does not affect the paint job.