LED Indicators

Instrument Cluster

Replacing your instrument cluster lights with LEDs is very easy to do. LEDs have the advantage of not burning out like regular filament lights. The size you need is 194/168 (UK they are known as 501 10mm wedge bulbs). They are available in various colors. Installation is plug and play. The size you're looking for in an LED is 194/168. For the indicator lights most people go with WLED-x6. For the gauges most people go with WLED-x5.

'Here is a detailed picture of a WLED-5x

Here is a detailed picture of a WLED-6x


info from NightRider
speedo and tach gauges = 12 volt, 3.4 watt or #168 LED, preferably radial-aimed 5-LED type bulb
Turnsignal, neutral, oil pressure indicators = 12 volt, 3.4 watt or #168 LED, like a 4 or 6 banger LED type bulb
High beam indicator = 12 volt, 1.7 watt or #37 LED or #74 LED or a single LED for some reason


info from pbureau69
These are plug and play no mods to led wedges to make fit on 2002 and older GS500F
Speedo and Tach Guages = T10 = # 194 bulbs Wled-5x or Wled-6x led is your choice both fit.
Turnsignal, Neutral, oil pressure, Hight Beam indicators = T6.5 Bulbs = # 74 bulbs (You need to use a non polarised LED for the Indicator light)
pbureau69 -- Guages and indicators --> http://www.longcoeur.com/moto/technotes/videos/Led_guages_GS500F.wmv

Distributors Links

Wled-5x/6x, T10, 194: http://autolumination.com/194.htm
Led T6.5, 74: http://autolumination.com/74.htm

Wled-5x/6x, 168, 194: http://www.superbrightleds.com/mini-wedge.html

194, 501: http://www.ultraleds.co.uk/automotive-bulbs-501194t10w5w-10mm-wedge-c-101_129.html?osCsid=c908b61b9e5d3b36f9c6c3afe4a005fb

For more info, see this thread: http://gstwins.com/gsboard/index.php?topic=23589.0

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