Heated Grips

This is a simple mod, that is great for us all-weather/season riders

General Installation

To do this you need: heated grips, a phillips screw driver, a couple of connectors, a small saw and some cable ties

Step 1. remove old grips. (i just cut mine off with a craft knife)

Step 2. cut the lip at the end of the plastic grip, and cut the angled bit (closest to the mirror) so the new heated grip will slide all the way on.

Step 3. put the plastic grip back on the bike.

Step 4. slide the heat grips on, mount the controller on the bars and run the wires into the headlight.

Step 5. power supply. I used the wires from the "park light" because I never use the park light, it switches off with the ignition, and it's an easy source of power that doesn't require much work and the cable is of a larger size than what the grips are. all you have to do is either use the existing connectors and put some on you heated grips or do what I did(because I didn't have those type of connectors) and just join the wires with a little strip connector

...and that's it just screw your headlight back together and cable tie the wires and you're away laughing :D

Oxford Hot Grips

Oxford Hot Grips are a very popular brand of heated grip. You can find a wiki guide specifically for fitting them to the GS here.