Handlebar Risers



SW-Motech handlebar risers increase height by 31mm (1.2") and move them back 25mm (1"). They are available for $100 plus shipping at Twisted Throttle


GenMar risers have been used by GSTwins member gsJack over 120k miles with no complaints. They move the handlebars up by 25mm (1") and back by 35mm (1.375"). You can get them in either silver or anodized black. They are available for $110 plus shipping from GenMar direct. No modifications or replacements to stock control lines are required. However, you may need to reroute your choke cable to the outside of the left fork tube.

Junkyard risers

If you're on a budget and want to move the handlebars straight up, you can use a second set of handlebar top caps mounted upside-down as bar risers. Installing them requires a set of four M8 x 50 socket head cap screws.