GSXR Indicators-F Model


A good way to improve the look of your GS500F is to fit GSXR Indicators. Not only do they look more modern but the maintain OEM standard illumination (size and brightness) which is good for your safety.


GSX-R Mirrors with Integrated Indicators

You will need a set of mirrors for a:
GSX-R 1000 (2005-2008)
GSX-R 750 (2006-2008)

A 10mm drill bit (and a smaller one to do a pilot hole helps with accuracy)

Some 10mm washers (I used 8mm and drilled them out to 10mm for less over hang) and some 10mm spring loaded washers

4 x HEX FLANGE NUTS M6 (to hold the mirrors on from under the fairing. You can add a spring loaded washer to really tighten it up if you wish)

4 x M6 x 15mm long bolts to replace the old mirror bolts to hold the fairing on (you can use the alan key bolts from your old mirror if you want)

Some 5mm thick rubber (or something similar) to pack out the space between the new mirror screws and the fairing frame to prevent vibration.

Masking tape (mask the fairing both sides before drilling it to prevent it cracking)

A marking pen (to mark the holes before you cut (remember measure twice, cut once)

Some electrical wire to extend the turn signals wire. Also some bullet clip connectors are usefull.

GSX-R 2003-2005 Front Indicators

You will need a set of indicators for a:
GSX-R 1000 (2003-2004)
GSX-R 750 (2003-2005)
Just use the stock GSXR backing plate (you need to get them with the indicators) on the inside of the fairing and screwed it down tight.


2003-2005 GSXR Indicator (Left) vs Stock GS500 Indicator (Right)

2003-2005 GSX-R Clear Alternatives Indicators

For more pics, installation guide, and for help...

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