GPS Mountcase Waterproof

This mountcase only fits bikes with normal bars, not clip-ons!

You have not-so-waterproof GPS or cellphone with GPS? Want to use it while riding? Afraid of casual rains?

Sure you can buy waterproof mountbox designed for this, but with small effort you can DIY and save your money ten times.

What you need

  • Plastic lunchbox with clear top cover, "aromasealed" (if it holds aroma, it surely holds water)
  • Two clamps with rubber covers (they are normally used for attaching electric cables)
  • Piece of car rubber mat
  • Piece of foam plastic
  • Bolts, washers, nuts/wingnuts

Tips for choosing parts

  • Find a right sized lunchbox for your device. It should be at least 12cm wide, so box will reach on top of both bar attachements blocks. Usually lunchboxes are bit too high for many devices, but thats no problem - you need some empty space anyway because mounting nuts will be inside box.
  • Check your handlebar diameter and choose right size clamps for it.
  • You can choose wingnuts for easier mounting and releasing, but they need more space inside box. Regular nuts are lower profile.
  • If you dont have windshield in your bike, you might want to consider getting also some rubber washers for sealing. Very heavy rain might otherwise push its way to box from mounting holes, past regular washers and bolts.


1. Cut piece of car rubber mat, same size as lunchbox bottom outside. It will be placed between box and bar attachment blocks to kill any unnecessary vibrations. You can cut just small pieces that fits over bar attachment blocks if you want to, but then you have to glue them on the box so they stay in place. Do whatever fits your eye and your lunchbox.

2. Fit clamps to your handlebar. Insert bolts from bottom and tighten with nuts from top. Use washers if needed. Now you should have clamps tighten on bar and two bolts sticking up waiting for box to be mounted.

3. Fit lunchbox at desired position, then make marks for drilling the holes. Drill holes for mounting bolts and if necessary for any charging or headphone cables. Keep outside rubber mat at its place while drilling, so you get holes in it too.

4. Cut piece of foam plastic, same size as lunchbox bottom inside. It will protect your device from mounting nuts. You can also slice smaller pieces of foam plastic and use them to help align your device as you wish in the box.

5. Fit lunchbox and outside rubber over bolts, attach with (wing)nuts inside the box.

6. Place your device in the box and hit the road in downpour!