Frame Sliders

Mounted to fairing bolts

The GS500F does not have any holes in the fairing to allow frame sliders mounted to the frame to pass through. Therefore, if you want to keep your fairings intact, the only option for frame sliders is to mount them to the bolts that hold the fairings on. However, in the event of a crash, this will put enormous stress on the attachment brackets, and will most likely damage them. For low-speed or zero-speed drops, however, they should be fine.

Fairing bracket(Notice how flimsy these brackets are! They dont stand up to much)

Mounted to engine bolts

It is vastly preferable to mount the frame sliders to the engine mounting bolts, as other bikes do. However, this will require you to cut a small hole in the fairing. This, if done carefully and neatly, looks fine and does not detract aesthetically from the bike.

Here are sliders mounted to the engine mounts.

R&G sliders attached with fairings

You can order some that mount to the engine from the UK from RG Racing. GSTwins member Wrecent_Wryder paid $112.82, including shipping, using August 2006 currency rates. There are now a few US-local providers as well. Use google shopping.


It is not known whether these are engine-mounted or fairing-mounted.

The Fast One.

Lockhart Phillps from Newport Cycle Parts as part number 428-5011-LP.

WH Accessories