Flushmount Front Turn Signals

How to Replace Front Marker Lights With LP USA Flush Mount Marker Lights

This mod is specifically for the GS500F models. It should, however, be noted that by performing this modification turn signal visibility will be significantly affected.

- Remove lower front farings. - Remove bolt on back side of faring holding marker light. - Remove electrical connectors from the bike harness. - Remove factory marker lights. - You will notice that the mounting location is raised.

-You will need to cut a part of this raised area away. This is an idea as to what you will need to cut off.

- After the extra plastic is removed you will need to take the cover off the flush mounts and put them in the area that you want to mount them.

- Mark the holes that the marker lights use to mount.

- Drill the holes.

- Place wires through the stock hole and then bolt the new flush mount marker lights in place.

- Connect new marker light to the factory harness using the recommendations for which wire goes to what wire.

- Replace farings.

You should end up with something like this:

Credit: Todd Yugo

If you dont want to drill a hole in the fairings:

  • Place the signal so the front hole is positioned on the removable tab and mark with a pencil
  • Drill the hole and cut the 2nd screw near the base of the flush mount and put some electrical tape over the end
  • Bolt in the front screw using washers on the other side of the tab
  • Follow the steps above, minus the fairing drilling of course.

Finished product:

Alternate method by: CndnMax