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Upgrades: Fairings

The GS500F (2004+) is a fully faired bike. It is possible (with a little bit of effort) to install a F model fairing on an older unfaired bike. Other options include:

Spec II Fairing

2000 GS500E with Spec II fairing (courtesy of member Rick Sonderfan)


TCP Aerodynamic Body Kits for SUZUKI motorcycles are not available for aftermarket distribution in the U.S.A.

GS 500 E Eliptical Fairing from TCP's product page

Airtech (Titan Kit)

2001 GS500 with custom painted Airtech Titan fairing (courtesy of member Chuck)

Removing fairings: GSF to GSE conversion

If you happen to dislike the looks of faired version (not an uncommon thing BTW!) then please read this topic about converting faired 500F to naked 500E.

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