Case Guards

OEM Case Guards

Suzuki made case guards for the GS500 in the model's early years, but the part was discontinued. They can occasionally be found on eBay and usually sell for $50 to $75, depending on condition and bidders. They are a two-point design that use the front two engine mounts to secure to.

A copy of these is made and sold by MC Enterprises. No data yet as to quality or sturdiness. As of 1 January 2007, they had 58 in stock. Part # 1000-90. Order for $40 plus shipping at MC Enterprises.

Note: The MC Enterprises guards come with new bolts and instructions. The instructions say to use the longer bolt in the bottom motor mount, but the short one won't work in the upper. So, you have to use the long bolt in the upper mount. Then, the shorter bolt isn't long enough for the bottom mount, so you'll need to re-use the longer of the two stock bolts (the upper) for the lower mount.

Aftermarket Case Guards


These are by a German company called SW-Motech, imported through Twisted Throttle. The SW-Motech case guards are a three-point design, offering a better distribution of force than the two-point OEM units. The three-point design uses all three engine mounts (two front, one rear) to secure to. Retail price is $122.21, but can be ordered here for $109.99 plus shipping. In the continental US it comes out to around $125 shipped. These will not fit F models.

From TwistedThrottle/SW-Motech:

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Not sure about US suppliers, but GSTwins member Cal Price in the UK has them on his GS. Renntec's UK web site can be found at

Sliders as Case Guards

GSTwins member Wrecent_Wryder uses frame sliders as case guards on his GS500E.

If you're really worried...