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(copied from old wiki verbatim)


(copied from old wiki verbatim: http://cgi.stanford.edu/~sanjayd/gs500/Upgrades/CBRF2Rearsets)

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(copied from old wiki verbatim) I started with a set of 1992-93 CBR F2 rearsets I bought off of ebay. After a little research I started the modifications.

1. The first thing I had to do was cut off the outer walls, where the bolts attach the set to the frame.

2. Next I had to widen the holes to match the GS bolt pattern.

3. After test fitting I found that the tab that helps to hold the hose for the fluid reservoir had to be removed.

4. The next thing that had to be shaved was the brake light switch tab. I found that you can shave it a little to make it line up with the bolt holes but once in place the brake switch will not fit and hits the frame, so Whack It Off. To retain brake light functionality use a brake pressure switch, both Vortex and Woodcraft make one. There is little clearance between the frame and the brake master cylinder, so you can also move the sensor to the banjo bolt on the rear caliper and just extend the lines if its too close for you.

5. Next after fitting, I had to cut the stock shifter and drill a hole to accept the linkage. I also bent the shift lever in slightly to make it hug the block a little closer.

6. Then After searching for a cheap linkage end for three days, I noticed the linkage to the stock GS master cylinder and figured, why not. So I went to the hardware store and bought two left hand thread nuts, adjusted the linkage all the way down on the shift side placed the master cylinder linkage on it and secured it with the two nuts backed against each other to hold them in place, then used the dowel and cotter pin from the linkage to connect to the shift lever. Make sure you adjust the lever so that it doesn't strike the case.

7. OPTIONAL: If you prefer a GP style shift pattern (reversed) just turn the shift lever in the downward position. This will change your pattern so that you are upshifting with a downward stroke and vise versa.

8. After the install I used the CBR reservoir to utilize the twist off cap instead of the screw on. However, the stock GS hose is a larger diameter and can possibly leak so I used the CBR hose which is shorter and requires you to fabricate a mount to lower the reservoir. I also moved it in front of the battery instead of the back, beings how my K&N Lunchbox frees up aditional space there, also thinking of moving the rectifier and other solinoids there.

Sorry if I missed anything, Its 4:00 am and I am wore out, I'll check here later to make any corrections necessary.

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