Add-on Flashing LE Ds Brake Lights

info by pbureau69

(1) Acquire on Ebay flashing red LED's Kit sold by "Electropods"

(2) get 3m all weather double sided tape and stick one piece behind each light

(3) find a location on your bike you want to have it put on, I chose the license plate because I could not find anything else suitable to my taste.

(4) remove tailight assembly from body by removing both philips screws seen in this picture

(5) black wire from kit connects to Black with White Stripe and Red Wire to the White with Black stripe wire of either left or right side bulb connector behind the taililght assembly.

(6) reassemble and enjoy..


Be cautious that the electropods are a cheaper imitation of Hyperlites (~$50-60). I bought some after reading the wiki only to find that they did not flash, and other forum members have stated theirs have failed eventually as well. -efushi