Fuel Starvation

There are a few things that can cause fuel starvation

  • 1. A kink in a fuel line.
  • 2. A blocked inline filter or the filter on the inside of the petrol tank.
  • 3. A the petcock on the under side of the fuel tank is turned off or partially off.
  • 4. The petcock on the side of the bike is blocked or faulty
  • 5. If the main jet in the carburetor is too small or blocked. Disassemble the carburetors and remove the pilots, and clean them in carb cleaner.
  • 6. A dirty carburetor, especially if the bike has been sitting for a long time. This can be fixed by cleaning the carburetors, particualrly the float bowls.

All of these are easily fixable with a bit of patience.

If the problems persist try turning the petcock to prime before long, fast trips, or check the GSTwins forums.