OEM Parts

OEM Parts are available from several online suppliers. Parts fiches are available, by year and model. Locations given for shipping purposes.

MoToSport (Virginia)
Alpha Sports These guys are great and full of GS knowlege, online store Limerick Maine
Bike Bandit (California)
Ronayers (North Carolina)
Hillsboro (Oregon)
Mr. Cycles (North Carolina)
Flat Out Motorcycles (Indiana)
See Kerry's Parts Fiche Catalogue to find listings for each major retailer specific to the year of your bike

Aftermarket Parts

These vendors carry GS500 related components and have been used extensively by the GSTwins community.

Chaparral Racing
Dennis Kirk
Parts 411
Parts N More
Sonic Springs (Straight rate springs)

Year-Specific Parts

Major parts changes were introduced as follows:

1989: Clip-on handlebars (1989 only)
1990: Tubular handlebars and new controls
1994: Front sprocket change
1996: Front caliper change
2001: Cosmetic changes, larger tank, redesigned seat, new carbs
2003: Not available in USA
2004: Fairing, oil cooler, front forks

Interchangeable Parts

These parts are known to be interchangeable with the GS500:

89-97 Katana GSX600\750 Front Wheel
89-97 Katana GSX600\750 Rear Wheel
89-97 Katana GSX600\750 Rear Brake Rotor
89-97 Katana GSX600\750 Cush Drive

Common Replacement Parts

Here is a list of commonly replaced parts and the associated part numbers:

Battery: YB10L-B2, YB10L-A2 (has vent on wrong side, so hose reroute is necessary)
Headlight: H4 or 9003
Turn Signal and Brake Light: 1156, 1157
Speedometer and Tachometer Bulbs: SN 09471-12028 or 09471-12082, 194/168 (US) T10 (UK)
Neutral, Oil, High Beam dash indicators (1989 to 2000): 194/168 (US) T10 (UK)
Neutral, Oil, High Beam dash indicators (2001 and +): 74 (US) T5 (UK)
Turn Signal dash indicator (1989 to 2000): 194/168 (US) T10 (UK) Non-polarized
Turn Signal dash indicator (2001 and +): 74 (US) T5 (UK) Non-polarized
Spark Plug: 4929
Front Brake Rotor: EBC MD3006RS
Rear Brake Rotor: EBC MD3002
Main Jet: Mikuni N100.604
Pilot Jet: Mikuni N151.067
Progressive Springs: 111128
Stock Air FIlter: 13780-01D00
K&N Drop-In Filter: SU-5589
K&N Lunchbox Filter: RU-2970
K&N Pod Filter: RU-0800
Wheel Bearing (Front, Sealed both sides): 302cc
Wheel Bearing (Rear, Sealed both sides): 303cc

Valve Shims

Where to get valve shims or Valve shims $4.95/piece + $6 S&H