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  • Clip-on style handlebars replaced with standard tube bars. (except UK models)
  • Headlight mounting tabs changed from aluminum to steel
  • California model gets a smaller 4.0 U.S. gallon tank (All other states 4.5 gal)


  • Front sprocket changed to a type with a "shoulder" on it.


  • Minor front brake changes.
  • Frame color changed from a light silver to a charcoal color.


  • Bodywork changed: Tank gets a different shape and larger size, tail plastics get an updated look, seat reshaped and retexturized, tail light changed to a more modern look, gauges changed to a more modern look.
  • Carburetor changed to a three-jet design. Instead of having just a pilot jet and a main jet, the new design has a pilot jet, mid-main jet, and a main jet.
  • Regulator/rectifier, fuse, and flasher moved further back to be covered by the tail plastics.
  • Single throttle cable replaced with a dual-cable set up.


  • TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) added to the carbs.
  • Ignition rotor changed.
  • Minor electrical differences relating to emissions.
  • Electric tachometer replaces the mechanical unit.
  • Minor carburetor changes.
  • Front fork cap changed from 1/2" drive socket wrench to a 19mm wrench.
  • Exhaust midpipe diameter changed (from approximately 1.75 inches to approximately 2 inches.)
  • Brake manufacturer changed to AJP.
  • Frame color changed to black.
  • Stock tires change to Bridgestone Battlax BT45s.
  • Stock front brake lever loses adjustability.

F Model Specific

  • Fairings added.
  • Oil cooler added.
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Page last modified on November 20, 2007, at 12:47 PM