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Brand: Power Trip

Model: Abrams

MSRP: $49.99


Paid: $7.99+$5= $11.99


The Power Trip Abrams gloves have a large plastic protector across the four tarsal knuckles. Over the phalanges there is cushioning over each of those knuckles and on the tips. On the top of the metatarsal area is a large U.S Army logo that also doubles as additional cushioning.


The gloves are stitched from the inside but do not have any uncomfortable spots. The leather is also preferated which allows the gloves to breathe. I've worn these gloves in relative comfort in the mid 90's. There are also suede grips on the glove that allows one to grip the controls better. Cushioning is also sufficient in the palm area.


This glove is a short style glove so it only has one strap that holds well. Fitting on me the wrist area goes just below the watch area.

Overall Opinion

I am quite impressed with this glove. With a price of $12 shipped my expectations were really quite low but these gloves are a pleasant suprise. They fit comfortably especially after having a day in the rain to get the gloves to fit just right. I never thought that I would find a good pair of leather gloves that would do well in the Florida heat but this pair of gloves have met the mark extremely well. I don't know if it is just my sizing or if it's manufacturing but the right glove does seem to be smaller than the left glove. The gloves have a very tactile feel and I am able to feel as if I did not have gloves on.


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