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Getting a correctly aimed headlight is straightforward. You need to make a couple of measurements and then aim the light at a flat wall, as follows:

With the bike on its wheels and you astride, have a helper measure the distance from the floor to the center of the headlight lens.

Pick a flat wall where you can locate the bike so the headlight is 17 feet from the wall. Place a horizontal mark on the wall two (2) inches lower than the height of the center of the headlight. The two bolts on either side of the headlight housing should be loosened a bit, and then a third bolt on the right side of the bike, just behind the headlight housing should be loosened a bit as well.

The headlight beam (on low beam) should be relatively flat on the top, and may rise rather sharply at the right edge. Adjust the headlight vertically so that the flat top of the beam is just up to that line (marked two inches down at 17 feet).

Horizontal adjustment should center the beam ahead of the line of the bike.

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