Brighter Bulb Stock Headlight

LED H4 Headlight Bulb

A nice simple drop in replacement for the standard H4 headlight bulb is the Native H4 which can be found here:

It is designed to work well with the halogen reflectors in the stock 7" round headlight on the GS500E. It provides a nice low beam cut-off pattern and a very bright high beam. Also, it uses less power so there will be less strain on the GS's charging system.

The beam pattern quality is unconfirmed to work well in the GS500F style headlight.

Brighter Halogen H4 Headlight Bulb

The Philips X-treme Vision H4 bulb is a brighter drop in replacement for a standard H4 bulb. It doesn't use less power but is much brighter than a regular H4 bulb.

They can be found on amazon, ebay and other sites just by googling "Philips X-treme Vision H4"

This bulb should work just fine in the GS500F's style headlight as well as the 7" round found on the GS500E.